The increase in allergies and the current fitness trend are boosting interest in high-quality products. In light of increasing environmental issues, more and more people are developing a desire to be healthy and simply want to live more naturally, more considerately and be more aware. 

Austrian pioneer
When Reform Martin GmbH opened its first branch in 1996, it was the first of its kind in Tyrol. Today, there are more than 600 sales outlets for health products throughout Austria and new ones are constantly being added. But our goal has remained the same… 

Doing good is good for everyone
We want to make high-quality health products accessible and, most importantly, tasty to more people throughout Austria as an alternative to conventional products that are often harmful to health!
Today, our range is primarily based on three pillars: Wholesome foods, sensible nutritional supplements and exclusive natural cosmetics. These three areas are interwoven. This is what makes Martin’s holistic approach so reforming; because if you have a healthy diet then you also want nutritional supplements and natural cosmetics that help on your health journey, that come from nature and that have no side effects to worry about.
By concentrating on core competencies such as special customer service, high-quality products, close links with producers and business partners and the search for innovations, Martin has established itself as a strong reformer in Austria. Competent, specially trained employees are on hand to answer customers’ questions and provide information about the comprehensive range as well as explain all the advantages of the product range.