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Our climate goals

As FISCHAPARK, a leading shopping center in southern Lower Austria, we show our responsibility toward people, the region and the environment – today and for the coming generations.

Consequently, FISCHAPARK has insisted for years on energy efficiency, pro-active protection of the environment, alternative energy and sustainable mobility. To that end, our operator SES Spar European Shopping Centers has set clear climate goals which will be implemented by 2050 at the latest.

88 % less CO²-emissions

100 % environmentally friendly energy

46 % savings in energy consumption

Photovoltaic panels on available roof surfaces planned starting 2024

Bee sponsorship

Bee sponsorship

FISCHAPARK also works to protect the environment outside of the centers. Together with INTERSPAR, Bienenhof Salzburg and the Austrian Apiary Association (“Bienenbund”), we help nature by giving a new home to indigenous bees on the green, natural areas at FISCHAPARK. This does not just protect biodiversity, but provides for a colourful variety of flowers around our shopping center.


Photovoltaic-plant planned for 2024

Following the SES-shopping-centers MURPARK in Graz (2018) and WEBERZEILE in Ried (2020) and MARIANDL in Krems (2022), our operator SES Spar European Shopping-Centers is now putting a fourth photovoltaic-plant into operation on the roof of its shopping malls: The shopping-center CITYPARK in Graz, operated by SES, has been producing its own environmentally friendly solar power since the end of September 2022.


TÜV AUSTRIA certified energy management system

In 2019, SES Spar European Shopping Centers already introduced an energy management system compliant with EN ISO 50001:2018 for the Austrian shopping centers. It has now been successfully re-certified by TÜV AUSTRIA. At the same time, SES was able to expand this energy management system to all SES-shopping-malls in Slovenia and Italy and received TÜV AUSTRIA-certification for the malls in three states.

Mobility and accessibility

The whole world is talking about saving energy and protecting the environment. As a popular meeting place in the region, FISCHAPARK is constantly improving its highway accessibility and parking options and would like to offer its customers and employees not only security but also sustainability.

Sustainable mobility

14 E-charging stations – 100% environmentally sound electricity

A very good connection to the local highway network, bike parking, a direct feeder path to the bike path network and modern infrastructure for electric mobility are an environmentally sound alternative for easy transportation for our customers coming to shop: Approximately 25% of our visitors come to our shopping center using public transportation, on foot or on bicycle to shop.

Public transportation connection

Bus, bike or on foot

Whether with the bus, bike, an e-bike or on foot: FISCHAPARK is very easy to reach and connected to the local network of bike paths as well.

FISCHAPARK has more than 140 bike parking places, 8 covered e-bike charging stations, as well as bike rental from Nextbike. The shopping center is also connected with public transportation (bus line 4) and easy to reach– the bus stop is at Entrance 3 (Post/Dreipappelstraße).


Bus connection
The FISCHAPARK Wiener Neustadt can be reached via the bus line 4. The bus stop is located at Entrance 3 (Dreipappelstraße).
Bicycle parking
The bicycle parking at FISCHAPARK Wiener Neustadtare located at the main entrance (Zehnergürtel), Entrance 3 (Dreipappelstraße) and Entrance 4 (INTERSPAR).
Electric charging station for bikes
The electric charging station for bikes at FISCHAPARK Wiener Neustadt is located at Entrace 3 (Dreipappelstraße). There are 8 roofed charging stations for electric bikes.
Bike rental station
A Nextbike bike rental station is located at entrance 3 (Dreipappelstraße).
Electric charging stations
The 14 free electric charging stations at FISCHAPARK Wiener Neustadt are located on all parking levels.

Energy management – with a system

Since 2019, FISCHAPARK has been working with an ISO- certified energy management-system which was re-certified by TÜV Austria in 2022. This means that we constantly analyze our energy consumption and implement measures to save energy and increase energy efficiency. We were thus able to reduce energy consumption in our center by around 30% in the last 3 years.

Free-cooling & optimized cooling

Water reservoir for cooling

The cooling load is covered by a cold water tank in the underground garage. As needed, the night-time air is also used to cool the shopping-mall outside of regular operating hours (free-cooling). All ventilation systems contain technical equipment for heat recovery. The ventilation in the center is also regulated based on visitor frequency.


Environmentally friendly lighting

Refitting saves electric power and money. Saving energy means protecting the environment.  In FISCHAPARK this has, for several years already, included concrete measures such as successive complete refitting to use energy-saving LED-technology in the façade and for interior lighting. The timing of the mall lighting was also optimized and reduced.

Cheap Air
Need-based optimized ventilation

Cheap Air

Don´t talk, act! A practical example of environmentally friendly business operation is ventilation coordinated to the number of visitors in the center. It was developed by SES and adjusts the air quality in the mall is perfectly coordinated to the requirements and saves around 2.9 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually.

Man & Society

Helping where help is needed. We accept social responsibility, whether through long-term cooperation with regional associations, through unforgettable events or various charity actions.

What we do for people

What we do for people

The sustainable corporate culture at SES

Our employees are the most important factor in our success, we create jobs in the region and are a platform for local merchants. As local shopping centers, we offer people in the region the most important products and service in everyday life.

Sustainable shopping partner

Sustainable initiatives in our shops. The merchants, restaurants and service providers in FISCHAPARK are engaged with a variety of activities for a sustainable future.


Very Good rating in operations and facilities performance.
Certified energy management compliant with ISO 50.001

We show responsibility:

Sustainable corporate culture at SES

Economical, ecological and social – in the matters of environmental and social concerns, the shopping center operator SES Spar European Shopping Centers is thinking ahead and follows a clear energy policy.
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