Colourful and carefree – collections by Benetton are inspired by the values that have always characterised the brand. Women’s fashion at Benetton consists of modern and versatile garments, the colours of which can all be mixed and matched.

Researching quality is part of the DNA of our knitwear: Sweaters and cardigans in countless patterns, classic sweaters and crew neck sweaters as well as plain sweaters made from 100% Italian yarns.

Children’s fashion at Benetton mainly consists of casual clothes that can be creatively combined with formal or sporty shirts, T-shirts and sweatshirts, with prints or plain colours as well as cotton polo shirts worn with trousers and jeans. 

However, the headline products have always been our knitwear with classic sweaters, crew neck sweaters and cardigans, available in the wide range of colours that Benetton is famous for. All of our looks can be completed with accessories such as shoes, laced or as sneakers, oversized scarves or light shawls, bags, backpacks and leather belts.

The Undercolors of Benetton line offers underwear and pyjamas made of natural fabrics and comfortable lounge wear to fully enjoy your time to relax. Benetton’s swimwear is also all about colour, offering briefs and swim shorts, beach towels and swim bags with lively patterns.